International event discusses the supply of natural gas to MS and southern Brazil

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The natural gas sector is experiencing a moment of transition, with Petrobras intending to reduce its share in several segments of the chain and with the closure of the contract to import the input of Bolivia.

This is one of the reasons for the relevance of the meeting of the International Gas Union (IGU), the maximum entity of natural gas in the world, which will be held in Florianópolis from May 20th to May 23rd. The IGU meeting will bring together nearly 50 professionals from almost 30 countries to discuss the gas application to the final customer and has the subject “The Supply of Natural Gas for the Southern Region of Brazil” as its main theme.

Among the authorities confirmed for the event is the Executive Secretary of Oil and Natural Gas of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Márcio Félix Carvalho Bezerra. Bolivia, one of the main stakeholders in discussing the gas supply to the region, also confirms the presence of the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Luis Alberto Sánchez Fernández, and the Ambassador of Bolivia in Brazil, Pablo Ezedin Alarcón Prado.
For Márcio Félix, who will open the event, the actions of the South region and of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul to expand the infrastructure to absorb the supply and meet the demand should be integrated with the energy sector and with neighboring countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay. “The event will be an opportunity to integrate these actions with the distributors, the market and the governments and even the electric sector. The South has the greatest opportunity in the gas area because of its geographical position,” he explains.

The president of SCGÁS, Cósme Polêse, celebrates the choice of Florianópolis as the host city of the meeting that will have the coordination of the Santa Catarina government. “Santa Catarina is a state of prominence in the energy sector. We have the third largest natural gas market in the country and a strong bias towards innovation of input applications. We are happy with the choice and we will make these days of discussions and learning another opportunity to study our processes and improve our services to consumers in Santa Catarina, aiming at the universalization of the use of natural gas.

In February, Petrobras announced that it could cut the import of Bolivian gas to 45% of the total contracted. The end of the contract between Petrobras and Bolivia will be in 2019 and it opens the possibility for the states of Southern Brazil and Mato Grosso do Sul to negotiate the purchase of natural gas directly with the Bolivian government.

The Bolivian ambassador to Brazil confirmed the presence of Bolivian authorities and stressed the importance of the country’s participation in the event. “We value the dialogue with our main consumer market and we will take advantage of the presence in Santa Catarina to strengthen other commercial relations.”

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