MONDAY, 05/22/2017

08 a.m. > 08:05 a.m.

Event’s Official Opening

08:05 a.m. > 08h:20 a.m.

Introduction of the Authorities

08:20 a.m. > 08:25 a.m.

Brazilian National Anthem

08:25 a.m. > 08:45 a.m.

Authorities’ Speeches: SCGÁS, Government of Santa Catarina, Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy and International Gas Union

08:45 a.m. > 09 a.m.

Introduction of the Working Committee 5 (WOC-5), from IGU By the Chairman of IGU’s WOC-5, Mohammadreza Ghodsizadeh

09 a.m. > 09h15 a.m.

SCGÁS’ Institutional Video Presentation:
Theme: The original dream and the new times By the former President of SCGÁS’ and former Mines and Energy Secretary of the State of Santa Catarina, Professor Arno Bollmann

09h15 a.m. > 09h40 a.m.

Ministry of Mines and Energy’s Lecture
Theme: Brazilian Moment
By the Director of the Ministry of Mines and Energy’s Natural Gas Department, Symone Christine de Santana Araújo

09h40 a.m. > 10h05 a.m.

Engie Brasil Energia’s Lecture
Theme: Integration of the Energy Sectors
By Engie Global’s SVP Business Development, Matheus Amorim

10h05 a.m. > 10h25 a.m.

Coffee Break

10h30 a.m. > 10h45 a.m.

Artistic Presentation

10h45 a.m. > 11h10 a.m.

Energetic Research Company (EPE)’s Lecture
Theme: Regional Integration
By the Superintendent for Natural Gas and Biofuels, Giovani Vitória Machado

11h10 a.m. > 11h35 a.m.

Shell Brasil’s Lecture
Theme: Solutions in Supply
By Shell Brasil’s Gas Market Development Manager, Alexandre Cerqueira

11h35 a.m. > 11h55 a.m.

Sobrax LNG’s Lecture
Theme: New Investment Opportunities
By Sobrax LNG’s CEO, Oddvar Skjaeveland

12 p.m. > 12h20 p.m.

Codesul’s Lecture

12h20 p.m. > 14 p.m.

Lunch and Press Service

14 p.m. > 15h30 p.m.

Supply Panel:
Theme: 2020 Window – Gas supply for the Southern Region
Panelists: Carlos Ibañes – YBFB, Alexandre Cerqueira – Shell, Edson Real – Golar LNG and Renato Costa – TBG
Mediators: EPE’s Superintendent for Natural Gas and Biofuels, Giovani Vitória Machado and Gasbrasiliano’s President, Walter Fernando Piazza Júnior

15h30 p.m. > 16h15 p.m.

Interaction with the public

16h15 p.m. > 16h30 p.m.

Coffee break

16h30 p.m. > 17h30 p.m.

Implementation and Use
Local Networks, Portugal’s Example
By the President of Dourogás, Nuno Afonso Moreia
CHP, São Paulo’s Example
By the Supply and Logistic Executive Manager of Comgás, Fábio Bertollo
Combined Generation
By the Engineer of Gasbrasiliano, Celso Bertinotti

17h30 p.m. > 17h50 p.m.

IGU Coordination Committee Update
By the Acting Chairman from IGU, Rodney Rinholm

17h50 p.m. > 18 p.m.

Industry Federation of the State of Santa Catarina
By the President, Glauco José Corte

18 p.m. > 18h20 p.m.

Bolivian Ministry of Hydrocarbons’ Lecture
By the Minister, Luis Alberto Sánchez Fernández

18h20 p.m. > 18h30 p.m.

Closing ceremony with Abegás
President of Abegás’ Board of Directors, George Moraes

For the agenda of the WOC5 / IGU committee, please contact
Willian Anderson Lehmkuhl at

Thank you.